Blog Challenge #3

Difference between videos:

A difference I noticed is that the first video seems to be more of an ad and the second seems to be a documentary. I think this may be the case because the first may be put on television, youtube, etc. for someone to look at quickly and the second might be for someone to watch if they are interested or concerned with digital footprints.


I preferred the second video because it not only did a clearer job of explaining what digital footprints are, but it did a better job of showing the impact and size that they have too. I felt like I understood and was more aware of the topic after I watched the second, then I did after I watched the first.

Five favorite web tools/apps:

1) Google Docs

This app requires no age, but you must have a Google account to use it. It is a very helpful way for student, teachers, etc. to come together to work on a paper without having to be together. I enjoy using this because I can use it to work with people in my class over the weekend or whenever we are not with each other.

2) Prezi

There is no age requirement on this app, but it can only be used by members of It is a unique way to make a slideshow presentation that move and zooms in and out. I like using it because it allows for the presentation makers to have an easier time of constructing the presentation, and it allows he audience to be more interested in what they are viewing.

3) Glogster

This web tool requires no set age group, only an account on their website. It is a creative tool that can be used to make online, interactive posters for projects, assignments, etc. I enjoy using it because it allows me to display videos, music, text, etc. from something I am working on all in one place.

4) Youtube

Youtube also requires no age group. It only requires that you need an account to produce media (videos) on it. I enjoy using it for class because I can post a video that I have been working on and people in my class and my teachers can all comment on/view the video.

5)Creative Commons

Creative Commons requires no age or account. It is a free app that allows people to search the web for free-to-use images, videos, etc. I enjoy using it because I know that any of the results I get from it can be used in anything I make without the fear of stealing someone else’s work.

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